First Post…

I’m way too lazy to develop a site of my own, and this install is ever changing so a blog is probably better anyway. I’ll be posting some parts and details on the set-up a post at a time.

Lets start at the beginning though. I thought a tablet install in the genesis would be pretty cool. I had a 8gb Nexus 7 2012 lying around so all I needed was a bezel and an OTG cable. Or so I thought.

The installation is straight forward but the devil is in the details and there’s lots of details.

For the Genesis Coupe there WAS 2 types of bezels the ‘Type A’ and the ‘Type B’. The good one was discontinued and the other required cutting making the mod non-reversible.

Weeks of searching found a ‘Type M’ bezel, and a desperation email got me a pre-production bezel from PowerAxel.

Type 'M' bezel as out of the box.

By the time it arrived my OTG cable had already arrived and it was ready to go in the car. Except Lollipop on the N7’12 performed horrible. I figured out removing every unnecessary app and service made it usable. Since I was planning on using an app called Headunit that emulated the functionality of Android Auto I didn’t need a lot of those apps and services. Note: Leave calendar sync and contact sync when extreme debloating even if you don’t think you need them. Problems can occur.

I’d like to leave off with some links but there’s none here worth posting.

Headunit is “broken” and hasn’t been updated in awhile. The bezel isn’t for sale yet, and the OTG cable was the usual cheap units found all over eBay and Amazon. More on all of that later however.


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